Sackett's Market Wholesale Accounts

Serving restaurants, caterers, and businesses in the Sheridan, Wyoming area.

We follow Wyoming Department of Agriculture state guidelines for resale purchasing in the Sheridan area.

We can portion and custom cut restaurant orders with a delivered fresh meat program.  We also carry many food service items.

Our wholesale products are ideal for restaurants, caterers, institutions, churches, non-profit organizations and distributors.

Contact Us for wholesale pricing and to set up a Wholesale Account.

Our meat program features an all natural, no hormone, no anti-biotic, and regionally obtained product line.

What does this mean to you?

• You are receiving a higher quality product for the same price of the box truck companies!  You can also have a fresh meat program delivered on a daily basis.

• You can tell your customers that the beef, poultry, pork, and sausage products that you are buying from Sackett’s Market are all natural, contain no hormones, contain no anti-biotics, and are procured from ranches in Montana, Wyoming and Colorado.

• The beef that you are purchasing is grass fed, and finished for 300 days on a non-corn, vegetarian diet.  All of our beef is aged over 25 days for optimum flavor and tenderness.  Sackett’s Market pays extra for this aging process service.  You may notice with some of the steaks that you are receiving that they may be smaller in size due to the non-hormone diet.  The weights of each steak will remain to your specifications.

All of the burger patties that you are purchasing will continue to be ground in-house and will be hormone and anti-biotic free. They will remain the same weight and size.

•  Our sausage products are “fresh” and not smoked, therefore we do not add nitrites or nitrates to our sausage.  All of Sackett’s Market’s wholesale sausage seasoning does not contain MSG, and all sausage products are made on-site, many with organic ingredients.

Why does Sackett’s Market offer this type of product?

• We have always had a “back to basics” approach to our food offerings, and we see buying fresh, local and organic as a trend that is growing in our wholesale and retail environment.  Our customers want to know “where the product comes from” and we need to ensure that we are purveying quality foods at an affordable price for all of our accounts.

What other changes has Sackett’s Market made for wholesale customers?

• We offer a schedule of specials that are available to our wholesale customers only.  These include specials on beef, poultry, pork, and wild caught seafood.  If you are interested in receiving these offers, please contact us.

You can also place your wholesale orders online!

If you have any questions or concerns, need further information, or would like to research some other product offerings for your facility, please contact us so that we can discuss them with you.  We are very excited about this direction, and thank you for being one of our valued wholesale customers!

- Christina and Paul Sackett Haworth


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