Sackett's Seasonings

Get all 4 of our seasonings in special gift packaging.  A great gift for the foodie in your life!

Trail Dust Seasoning

This seasoning was designed for Prime Rib, Steaks, and Burgers.  It is a multi-purpose seasoning that can be used on anything.  A kitchen main-stay.  

Big Horn Range Seasoning

A Greek-style seasoning for chicken, pork, and especially lamb.  This seasoning is the "secret ingredient" in the Sackett's Market stuffed Wyoming leg of lamb and Greek sausage.  

Red Grade Rub

Designed as a dry meat rub for grilling and smoking meats.  Works well on grilled pork, ribs, and chicken.  It has just a bit of a kick!

Cuban Style Seasoning

This seasoning was designed for Sackett's Cuban Pork Roast that is showcased in our authentic Cuban sandwich.  It has a smoky undertone with the sweetness of turbunado sugar that makes it ideal for carmelization on grilled meats.